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The school admits as students only persons having one of the following:


  • A certificate of graduation from secondary education (High School Diploma)

  • General Education Diploma (GED)


Costs of Attending GCI


How to Figure My Costs

  • Tuition and fees are assessed on a program basis.

  • Tuition is due and payable at the beginning of the program.

  • Tuition and fees are subject to change.


*Fees include all supplies, tools, texts, workbooks, test books, and materials required for the program. Fees also include an application fee and registration fee.

** Massage students will receive a Massage Table during their course of study.



Financial Assistance Programs


The following student financial aid programs are designed to help qualified students finance a career education at GCI:

  • Pell Grant Program:

    Eligible students receive non-repayable grants to be applied toward their educational expenses.

  • Stafford Loan Program:

    Eligible students may borrow funds at low interest rates from participating financial institutions. Stafford loans must be repaid.

  • Unsubsidized Stafford Loans:

    Primarily for middle income borrowers who do not qualify for Federal loans under the Stafford Loan program.

  • Parent Loans to Undergraduate Students Program (PLUS):

    Eligible parents of dependent students may borrow funds at below market interest rates. PLUS loans must be repaid.

  • Veterans:

    Georgia Career Institute is approved by the Veteran's Administration for eligible veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

  • Scholarships:

    The Institute annually accepts applications for a limited number of scholarships directly from area schools. These scholarships are based on need and merit and are determined by a selection committee. GCI also contributes to and participates in the Industry's ACE Grant program. Additional information on these scholarship programs is available through the admissions office or by clicking ACE GRANT


Methods of Payment


Students may pay the full amount of tuition by cash (check or credit card), applying for financial aid through the financial aid office or by financial arrangements made with the financial aid office.

Aid received from financial aid programs must be used for educational purposes only. Before receiving any funds, each student must sign a statement certifying that the student will use the money for educational purposes only and agreeing to repay any money received that was not used for educational purposes.

If a student transfers from another school, financial aid does not automatically transfer and the student must check with the financial aid officer to see what aid is available. Transfer students must submit a financial aid transcript from their prior school to verify the types and amounts of aid previously received.

Checks for student disbursements are made after enrollment and attendance has been verified.

The total amount of financial assistance offered to a student by the school will not exceed the amount by which his total budget for the award period exceeds all resources available to the student.

Net Price Calculator



The decision to invest in your future is a serious one that will involve total commitment of time, energy and financial resources. We understand the sacrifices many of you will be making to study with us, and so we make every effort to help make the costs of education affordable for those who are genuinely interested in studying.


Financial Aid Policies Students requesting consideration for financial aid must complete all the necessary application forms and submit them according to instruction with accurate information.

Students must be enrolled on at least a half-time basis to be eligible to receive financial aid.

An essential condition of an applicant's eligibility for financial aid is that the student is in need of the requested aid in order to pursue a course of study during the period for which the application is made.

Need is defined as the difference between the student's educational costs - direct educational expenses and living expenses - and the amount the student and his family can be expected to pay towards meeting these educational expenses.

The amount of a student's need is determined by the application for federal student aid. The analysis takes into consideration such items as family income, assets, family size, and number of family members in school, not solely by a particular income level.

The financial aid office reserves the right to review and cancel or revise an award at any time because of changes in the student's financial or academic status. The aid from federal programs is not automatically continued from one year to the next. Students must reapply each award year.


School Uniform: A uniform is required and is not included in your tuition. Please check with admissions or financial aid representatives for information on uniform requirements.

In order to receive and be eligible for financial aid, the student must:

  • Be a citizen or an eligible non-citizen, and must be enrolled in an eligible program of study.

  • Apply for a Pell grant before being considered for any of the other Title IV aid programs.

  • Be making satisfactory progress toward the completion of a course of study.

  • Certify that the student does not owe a repayment on a Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, or State Student Incentive Grant that was received to attend any school.

  • Certify the student is not in default on any loan received under the Perkins Loan Program (formerly National Direct Student Loan Program), the Stafford Loan Program (formerly Guaranteed Student Loan Program), or the Plus/SLS program.

  • Provide any documentation, verification, corrections and or new information requested by the financial aid officer or the agency to which the application was submitted.

  • Any financial aid commitment involving the use of federal funds is tentative and conditional upon subsequent congressional appropriation, actual receipt of the funds by the school, and completion of the necessary forms by the students.